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DIY: instagram photo strip


DIY: instagram photo strip

Instant DIY:
Instagram Photo Strip: 1. Save all your photos into a folder (have at least 16 pictures) 2. Hit Command-A to select all and click print. 3. In your printer settings, make sure it is in landscape mode. Print 16 per page with no border. 4. Print!


Vouyeristic View into my Life, Part 2


Not exactly as I had planned the installation to go but thing rarely go according to plan right? These are shots taken by my son (he’s 4) while we were talking. He took 3 but the 1st one had his finger on the screen. I wonder if he got lucky taking the pictures or if this is how he really sees me.



(I’m wearing a tubtop dress, Don’t be thinking why my shoulders are bare)

Part 1