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Prepping Diapers


I can only tell you about my experience with prepping diapers. I use cotton prefolds with fitted covers, and micro fibers for pocket diapers. My first instinct was just to toss them all in washer, run them twice in hot water, then dry them. I actually did a little more research. While I could have gotten away with that, the more you strip your diapers the more absorbent they become. Companies can’t wash their product before sending it to you, usually they are layered with something so its looks smooth and finished then ship out to in packaging so you know its new. Prepping will get rid of any of the stuff they added before packaging. Also natural fibers (like bamboo and cotton) have natural waxes that when stripped lets the fibers absorb more. I separated all my prefolds (cotton), tossed into scalding hot water and ran it twice through the machine, then put them in the dryer while to wait for the rest of my diapers. Then I tossed in all my microfibers (man made so no natural oils) with the diaper covers for one load. Tossed them all in the dryer for a low heat to get them dry halfway.



Pulled out the covers, then ran the dryer normally for the inserts and prefolds. Now its recommended to dry out in the sun, because the sun is a natural stain remover, free, and would kill anything in a diaper (that could cause rashes, smell). Not exactly super sunny outside and since they haven’t been used yet its not that big of a deal. Hung out the covers to dry on my stairs railing and tada.

Out to dry!


Just need to put them back together (for convenience later) and put them away.

All folded and put away. Now to wait!

Now we’re officially ready to cloth diaper when Alex gets home.