Let the Turf wars begin!


I swear the cat is out to get me! I know all these wives tales about cat suffocating infants in their cribs, in reality cats see infants as mewling little things that make weird noises and disrupt the house hold routine. Most cats tend to stay AWAY from the baby, once baby gets home. What is driving me crazy is the fact that the cat is trying to sleep on ALL the baby stuff. It first started with the swing, I can live with that. The swing wasn’t going to be used right away and I would have a chance to wash it before the baby got here. Then he moved on to the crib, (which I thought might have been my fault as I had set it up by his favorite window).

Sleeping so peacefully…mocking me.

Aggravated the cat was scratching the wood of the crib I folded it up and moved the bassinet and crib away from the window. A day goes by without incident. Great! I pat myself in the back, thinking I solved the issue. I had placed the crib in too good of a place for him to ignore. His favorite sunning spot + a bed he thought was for himself = PARADISE! Remove the temptation and Voila! Has no interest in the baby furniture…. I then find him in the damn bassinet!

Tired of this I pull out the big guns. I get my trusty water bottle and aluminum paper. Spray the cat once and he dashes out of the bassinet, I’m about to pat myself in the back for starting training to keep him off the baby things. I walk back into the bedroom to find him laying down on the changing table pad! Gah!!

“Looking for me Huuuuman?” Cue maniacal laughter…

I spray him off again, this time I stay in the room to make sure he doesn’t get back on anything. I know it sounds crazy considering I’m a pet owner but my pet peeve is a baby with animal hair on them. Drives me up the wall. That I don’t want him accidentally clawing any of the baby stuff. Oh well, let the turf war begin. You’re going down kitty!


Here is where I break it to you….


So while we haven’t been hiding it, we haven’t been advertising it either: This time around we’re cloth diapering. Alright lay it on me (the weird looks, the puckered mouth, the “WHY!?!”).


First of all: OMG HOW CUTE!!!!



I’m not a tree hugging ‘keep chemicals away from my baby’ mom. I’m all for convenience, but more than convenience I’m all for cheaper. Yeap, I’ll be the first to admit we’re doing this for the money. That  the environment benefits, its just a nice bonus. I had wanted to do it with Thomas but having no extra info we decided the upfront cost AND the work we had to put into it would be too much. Now thanks to having better google-fu and the help of a friend that already has experience in this field, I  found much better sources of information. Turns out, not really that much work. Two extra loads of laundry a week. I can live with that. While I was impressed with the saving, I did the calculations myself based on how much disposable diapers cost at the stores we frequent, wipes, and wipe cases (3 total) for the next 2 years (aprox age of potty training). I then calculated cost of disposables, part of the light bill, (we don’t pay for water), extra use of detergent, washable wipes, wipe warmer, and wetbag. 

Disposable diapers (and extras) over 2 year:


Cost of cloth diapers (and extras) over 2 years:

$328- $400


Suddenly I don’t feel so silly having people look at me like I’m  a tree hugger 🙂

Since I’ll be stumbling along trying to figure out how to do this, I’ll be cataloging all of this here. (www.stellargravity.wordpress.com)  So when I get questions I can just point people in the this direction.



My older sister is an avid pandora charm collector. I however love the look but hate the price. I received two charms as a gift and it spawned a whole new idea. A limited time, special fitted charm bracelets. Same look and for less. Did I mention that its all still in silver and murano glass. I’ll keep you posted with the new items as I receive the materials.


This wholesale ordering by mail is killing me. Much prefered when I could pick my materials by hand.

Back to Basics


So after I got into jewelry making I kind of abandoned the blog! Now I had my hands full running StellarG Jewelry site and facebook. Life has changed and changed again, in the last year. First of all, we’ll be leaving Korea soon, and move to a new chapter in our life. Where? Well that’s another post. Did I mention I’m pregnant? Well that’s another post! Wanna see me make baby and gender announcement cards? well these new post just keep writing themselves! So with that I’ll leave you, lets not go crazy here. I need to ease into this again. 

Teaching what you know


I’m getting ready for the class I will be giving tomorrow. Kinda excited to do it, also scared no one will show up! Also wondering if I’m doing the right thing…. I mean if I teach others to do pendant making… will I still have a good business? What if some students decides to actually start selling these too and then I have competition. I’m trying to think positive thoughts! And hope a moderate amount of students show up, and they have the respect that I showed my instructor by not stepping on her toes. Now to finish packaging the kits and work on the class outline/handouts. Wish me luck!

Our new house guest.


Anybody that know our little family know my husband is not a big fan of pets. Especially other peoples pets. I always thought he hated them, but come to think of it he has never been cruel or mean to an animal. This week a family is PCSing (moving away) they waited until the last moment to find their cat a home. This is an older Russian Blue cat, named Chuck. A friend of mine expressed interest in the cat but she is currently moving from off post apartment to on post housing. That left about a 5-6 day gap, and with the family leaving it seemed for sure this cat was going to the shelter. Koreans are not big on adopting pets and even less cats….even less than that an adult cat. My husband wasn’t home that night, and thinking “OMG he is going to KILL me!” I volunteer to watch the cat for the few days until my friend moved in to her new place.
Enter Chuck, a very very sweet cat. With a bit of a cuddle monster aspect to him. However I refused to call anybody even, even a cat, Chuck. So amongst fits of giggles with a friend, we ended up with Philiped Chuck Meowington.
My husband comes home not all too amused but understanding but the cat is nowhere to be found. He has been hiding since he got home. We go about our day and come back not knowing what to expect.
What I didn’t expect was a the cat stretched out on our bed, like he belong there. While I put lil Thomas to bed I hear my husband.
“ahhh!! Get it off me! It’s too friendly! It’s too friendly!”
I turn around to see the cat sitting on my husband chest looking straight in his eyes as if saying “hello there, you must be my new person. I like you, now pet me.”
He is very very insistent on being petted but doesn’t really meow, or messes with our things.
What I didn’t expect at all was how my husband would smile and pet him back or see the cat curled up next to my husband as his favorite person in the household.

Working his magic on my husband.

Thomas was so happy, I’m feel guilty that he will have to leave us soon. He talks to the cat, signs to the cat, comes home and first thing he does it look for the cat. He says, “He’s not a dog but I like him, he’s a good cat”. I’m writing this while my boys are on the couch, My husband writing for NaNoWriMo and my son watching TV with Philiped.

Keeping Thomas company

Gonna have to be careful with this one, or I’m gonna be sad to let him go too.

Let the mayhem and the madness begin!


It’s that time of the year again, November! When our lives get turned upside down in a wild fling of literary abandon and we crack out 50,000 words in 30days.
and because we always try to do the double doozy, NaNoBloMo! Posting everyday. I’ll be honest I think this year I’m going to crash and burn, not only am I doing NaNoWriMo and NaNoBloMo, I’m also trying to manage and promote the heck out of my StellarGravity jewelry line. At www.stellarGjewelry.com.
I wish everybody luck in their respective adventures and endeavors. Onward!

StellarG Jewelry is Open!


Our online shop is officially OPEN!!! www.StellarGJewelry.com We are still fixing up things daily and adding more to the store but the basics are there. Give it a spin, I’d love to have some feedback. Thank you everybody for being so supportive!

I think my eyeballs are on strike…


Working hard to promote my ‘store’ which has basically my facebook page. For some reason its not really picking up my etsy page. I’ll just have to work on that too in a bit. Basically I spent 48 hours working to set up a website before we hit 1,000 fans. ALMOST made it, Got to 1,009 before the site went live. Its finally up and finally done, I’m now going to go back what I like doing. Making pretty and shiny things. Come take a look I’d love some feed back.