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Let the Turf wars begin!


I swear the cat is out to get me! I know all these wives tales about cat suffocating infants in their cribs, in reality cats see infants as mewling little things that make weird noises and disrupt the house hold routine. Most cats tend to stay AWAY from the baby, once baby gets home. What is driving me crazy is the fact that the cat is trying to sleep on ALL the baby stuff. It first started with the swing, I can live with that. The swing wasn’t going to be used right away and I would have a chance to wash it before the baby got here. Then he moved on to the crib, (which I thought might have been my fault as I had set it up by his favorite window).

Sleeping so peacefully…mocking me.

Aggravated the cat was scratching the wood of the crib I folded it up and moved the bassinet and crib away from the window. A day goes by without incident. Great! I pat myself in the back, thinking I solved the issue. I had placed the crib in too good of a place for him to ignore. His favorite sunning spot + a bed he thought was for himself = PARADISE! Remove the temptation and Voila! Has no interest in the baby furniture…. I thenĀ find him in the damn bassinet!

Tired of this I pull out the big guns. I get my trusty water bottle and aluminum paper. Spray the cat once and he dashes out of the bassinet, I’m about to pat myself in the back for starting training to keep him off the baby things. I walk back into the bedroom to find him laying down on the changing table pad! Gah!!

“Looking for me Huuuuman?” Cue maniacal laughter…

I spray him off again, this time I stay in the room to make sure he doesn’t get back on anything. I know it sounds crazy considering I’m a pet owner but my pet peeve is a baby with animal hair on them. Drives me up the wall. That I don’t want him accidentally clawing any of the baby stuff. Oh well, let the turf war begin. You’re going down kitty!