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Meet Up: Basic Jewelry Making Class


Hello Gals!

Here is the list of the items that will be provided for you in class. The full kit is $35 for the class. If you already have the materials then it is just a $5 sit-in fee.

Here is the list:

Tools:  needle nose pliers, round nose pliers and side cutters







Bead Board








Beading String

Crimp Beads

Finding (jump rings, clasps, eye pins, end pins, hook earrings)

Memory Wire


Assorted Beads





My older sister is an avid pandora charm collector. I however love the look but hate the price. I received two charms as a gift and it spawned a whole new idea. A limited time, special fitted charm bracelets. Same look and for less. Did I mention that its all still in silver and murano glass. I’ll keep you posted with the new items as I receive the materials.


This wholesale ordering by mail is killing me. Much prefered when I could pick my materials by hand.

Speed Sale!

Speed Sale starts tonight at 6 pm EST
HUGE Sales tonight! Only on facebook and with paypal only..tell a friend!
Sale start tonight only!
Please share this! I want it to be fun!
How the sale will works: I will be listing sale items on the wall. The first person to comment (write your email address) gets the item. ALL items will be $10(FREE SHIPPING)! I’ll go through the list once. What ever is not spoken for I will post again. AFTER that, I will list some extras and at the end there will be a give away.
Once the sale is over I will send you a paypal invoice (to the address posted), all orders ship out within 24 hours of payment.

Shooting From the Hip.


If you have a better blaster onomatopoeia please please, add them on the comments. Every bit helps!

The Stars and the Luskca

Win a Free Necklace or Custom Made Pendant of Your Choice! 3 days left


WIN FREE NECKLACE OR CUSTOM MADE PENDANT OF YOUR CHOICE!! How you ask? Invite a friend to StellarGravity fb page! For every friend you get to join (like the page), You AND your friend will be entered in the drawing! Starting Sept 15! Closing off date is the 29th, with the winner announced on Sept 30. May the best Gal (or guy) win!

4 more days left! FB page HERE

(Once a friend like the page send me a message with your friends name. Remember every friend counts as a different entry. More friends, more entries! Good luck!)

StellarGravity’s Online Jewlery Making Class


A basic jewelry class, which teach you how to make necklaces (bracelets, earrings) and Glass Pendants. The class include 4 classes held on Saturday evenings and 1 hour personal session each week to offer personal help with your progress and answers any questions you may have. Classes will be done through Ustream ( Ustream saves video feed so you can review classes as many times as you’d like. In conjunction to video I’ll have all my students in a skype conference call (I can also call numbers) so you can ask questions at the moment and interact with me while I give the class. The class include materials! Since I have to ship these out, last day to sign up for the class will be Oct 5th. Last day to sign up is Oct 5th, all kits will be shipped out by then. The cost for the class is, $30. $10 for materials, $10 for the classes, and $5 for shipping.
To sign up or for any questions please email me at luskca@stellargravity.
Payments are accepted through paypal. Invoices will be sent out once you sign up.

Shiny Shiny things.


Here are some pics of the last thing my mind hands have cranked out. I’m honestly surprised I’m still doing this ­čÖé
like I’ve always said my hobby was picking up hobbies but I guess if was a shoe kinda girl and had the ability to design and make my own shoes then I’d also be happy stick to doing it right? Sad part is, I keep making them but it takes me a while to post them up on etsy, so that’s a slow going process. Hopefully I’ll just set a day aside each week to take pictures and post up.