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Pernil Recipe



So in 2009 I promised I’d post up the pernil recipe to go with my tostones al ajillo. Life happens and things go crazy but mainly the reason why I never posted it,  is I always have my husband make the pernil. Nothing I make could compare to the meat mana that just melts in your mouth if you ever tasted my husband’s pernil. So here he is, in his first guest post with his yummy pernil recipe:

So… you want to make a pernil? Don’t panic. There are many ways to make a pernil and someone is always going to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. This is my pernil. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Change it up according to taste and availability of ingredients.

First thing you want to do is mix your rub. How much rub you make depends on how big of a pernil you want to season. Normally I like to buy a nine to twelve pound Boston butt, so I measure with a tablespoon. But if you use the smaller but still useful pork shoulder, you can get away with a teaspoon.

In a whiskey tumbler, bring together:

  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part black pepper
  • ½ part paprika
  • 1 part adobo
  • 1 packet of sazon con achiote
  • 1 part oregano
  • ½ part rosemary
  • ½ part basil
  • a ton of garlic, crushed and chopped
  • 1 part soy sauce
  • 2 parts brown mustard
  • 2 parts rice vinegar
  • 3 parts olive oil

In other words, everything in your spice rack. Don’t panic, you haven’t gotten to the hard part yet. Now you’re going to take that slab of meat and peel back the skin using your sharpest knife, leaving the part closest to the bone intact so the skin stays put.

Now it’s time to get sexy with your meat. Grab a handful of seasoning and give your meat a thorough massage, lathering every crevice with your fragrant seasoning. Your hands are going to smell like seasoning all day, be proud and own the smell. Be especially diligent in the area that will be covered by the skin. Only put a little seasoning on the actual skin, just enough to give it a little color.

Did you have the foresight to buy a size appropriate disposable aluminum tray and aluminum foil? Good. Put the pernil in the tray, cover loosely with foil, and put it in the fridge overnight. Serve yourself a drink to congratulate yourself on a job well done. So far.
Count back twelve hours from dinner time. Set an alarm. When the alarm goes off, put your meat in the oven, still covered in foil, and set it for 230 F. No need to preheat the oven, there will be plenty of time for that. Now set an alarm for three hours before show time. That’s when you remove the foil. Save the foil for later.
What’s that? You don’t have twelve hours to cook meat? Don’t panic. You can cook the pernil in eight hours if you set the oven to 250 F, or in six hours of you set the oven to 275 F. Don’t ask me how I got these numbers, they just seem to work. But the meat really does benefit from a slow cook process, so plan ahead and make the time.
At the end of cooking time, remove your pernil from the oven. You need to let it sit for a while so the juices don’t all run out when you cut into it. Put your pernil on the biggest cutting board you have, cover it loosely with that foil you saved, and leave it alone for at least twenty minutes. You’ve been drinking and socializing, and you’re probably not done cooking, so use this time to finish your meal. That’s okay, nobody expects the food to be done on time anyway.


Cut your pernil into steak thick slices and serve. If you saved some of the juice from the disposable tray, you can make a bit of gravy from that, but the pernil is going to be juicy enough without gravy, so don’t worry about it. If you put the pernil in the broiler at a lowish, you can crisp the skin and make fresh pork rinds. But everybody should be too full from dinner to care about snacking later. Congratulations! You made pernil. Now go pass out on the couch and leave cleaning and giving away leftovers to the culinary impaired.

People gather around just for my husband’s meat.


Cream Cheese Burgers!



This is a lil recipe for homemade cream cheese burgers! I give credit to my husband’s family of which more than half of my cooking repertoire is based on.

You’ll need:

2 lb ground meat

1 onion

1 green pepper

1 pckg of Cream Cheese (block)

Your seasoning of choice for meat

( I use adobo, minced garlic, black pepper, dash of sazon)

Mince the onion and pepper. Season the meat and work in the onion and pepper. After prepping the meat divide into 16 golf size balls and pat out each one to 1/4 inch thickness. Make sure the patties are bigger than the bun, those sucker shrink right up in the pan. Spoon some of the cream cheese mixture onto the center of 8 of the patties. Top with the remaining patties, pressing the edges together to seal and shape them into burger patties. Don’t squish it down!

Grill ’em making sure to flip them often. As the patties shrink if left on either side for too long it will make one shrink pulling the patties apart. (I leave then length of time up to you, I usually cook them for about 15-18 min- paranoid of leaving it uncooked and all). Again don’t press down on the burgers as they cook. This will make the cream cheese ooze out!

Serve on buns with your favorite toppings.


Arroz con salchichas



Lil know fact but this is one of my fave foods cooked by my stepmom. I never gave it a go, the kind of canned sausage they had here tasted super gross. My MIL sent us cand as a surprise so obviously the first thing to come to mind is a nice plate of yummy I’m gonna cook up.

If You’re Stuck, Light it on Fire!!!


As many many many of you know and you’re probably tired of hearing me bitch about(if you aren’t feel free to look at my previous posts), NaNoWriMo but today it was the cause of all my giggles. My husband in his drunken wisdom (ok, ok. He was tipsy) said “If you’re stuck, just light it on fire!”
“If you’re stuck on the story just light something on fire.”
At the moment it seemed silly but the next day having a write in with my sissy-in-laws we were both about to bang our heads on the table. So I imparted my husband’s words of wisdom. Between giggles, groans and laughs we got in the words we needed. I FINALLY got caught up and SIL got to her word count goal. w00t!

Side Note: I was going to blog about better things, like showing you all my yumtastic plate of Cinnamon pancakes, a nice side of bacon, and scrambled eggs that I made for dinner.
It was so good! Infact it was so good that I didn’t take one damn picture of it. *sighs*

However at the end of writing with my SIL I was 7 words short of an even number, with nothing else to write I typed in, “and then she lit herself on fire….”

-The Luskca Complication

Beef Fried Rice


Yumtastic option with left over rice.
Olive oil
Meat of choice

Chop up onion and peppers and toss the in the pan with already warm oil. Season the meat while the onions and peppers cook. Toss in the meat, cook well. Add the rice (left over/precooked rice), with soy sauce, garlic powder, and a bit more of olive oil. Mix well. Move it all to one side of the pan add a bit of oil, drop in the the two eggs. Scramble them, once well cooked mix in with the rice. Mix well, cover for about 5 min. You’re Done!

Tostones al Ajillo


It’s been a while since I’ve made tostones al ajillo, and I am having some serious cravings. So for dinner today I’ll be making pernil and tostones al ajillo. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

You’ll need:

3 large firm and very green plantains

2 cups canola or vegetable oil


Non heating Surface to Press sliced plantains

a couple of plates lined with paper towels

slotted metal serving spoon Mojito de Ajo (garlic sauce)

1 head of garlic

1/3 cup olive oil

First you make the Mojito:

Heat oven to 325. Rub head of garlic thoroughly coated in olive oil, husk and all. In a small bake proof dish place head of garlic in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Bake for 15 minutes. Allow to cool. Pop garlic out of husks and place in bake dish once again. Pour rest of oil into garlic mix. Mash with fork till blended with oil. Add a pinch of salt. Mojito de Ajo may be saved in the fridge if tightly covered for up to a couple weeks. I usually try to use it within the week for maximum flavor .

To Make Tostones:

You first need to peel of the skin. This doesn’t work like a banana so slice lengthwise to  peel off. Remove any residual skin with knife. You might be tempted to taste it but don’t. Its a cooking banana and not sweet at all. Start heating up the oil in the pan while you cut. Cut plantain into diagonal chunks about 3/4″  up to 1″ wide. When the oil is hot drop in the slices. Don’t over crowd the pan. Cook until a yellow hue.  Remove from the oil and place on plate lined with paper towels. Allow to cool slightly. On a counter lined with wax or aluminum paper, place fried plantains flat and flatten. A cutting board, baking pan, or really sturdy glass pan can be used. The idea is to flatten  them enough so that a bit of the original fry coat mostly intact keeping the plantain together and but leaving the middle (which is slightly uncooked) to spread outward.

Place back into frying pan. Fry until they reach a deep golden hue. Remove from pan and drain on paper towel lined plate. Sprinkle with salt while still hot. Best when served warm, the traditional way Puerto Rican’s eat Tostones. You’ll want to eat up all the tostones right away since they loose their flavor after a few hours (think soggy french fries, bleh).

Next up I’ll post up the Pernil Recipe. Enjoy!

3 years late but here is the Pernil Recipe (guest post by my hubby)