My 1 of 2 and 2 of 2


Feeling particularly crafty today and decided to make shirts for my kiddos.

This post is about the shirts and making them. I’ll make a later post on how to make your own iron on images, using your own computer and printer.

First is finding black shirts that fit my kids. Image

When I found out I was pregnant I found this iron on on sale. Been holding on to it ever since waiting to have the shirts and the inclination to make them.

First wash your shirts. When ironing on its best if your shirt is stretched out to avoid bumps and uneven adhesion of the transfers. Then using a ruler, line up the iron-on to make sure it’s on the chest and not lopsided.



With shirts with more than 50% cotton , set your iron to wool setting. Let it get hot then in a circular motion iron on the transfer with consistent pressure for about 1 minute.


Pick and edge and slowly peel of, if you see that an area has not adhere just drop the clean paper back over and iron again with pressure.

Once you pull it off, you’re done! When washing these shirts turn them inside out and in cold water only. Line dry.

Here is the set!


Now to plan a photoshot with my boys!


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