Here is where I break it to you….


So while we haven’t been hiding it, we haven’t been advertising it either: This time around we’re cloth diapering. Alright lay it on me (the weird looks, the puckered mouth, the “WHY!?!”).


First of all: OMG HOW CUTE!!!!



I’m not a tree hugging ‘keep chemicals away from my baby’ mom. I’m all for convenience, but more than convenience I’m all for cheaper. Yeap, I’ll be the first to admit we’re doing this for the money. That  the environment benefits, its just a nice bonus. I had wanted to do it with Thomas but having no extra info we decided the upfront cost AND the work we had to put into it would be too much. Now thanks to having better google-fu and the help of a friend that already has experience in this field, I  found much better sources of information. Turns out, not really that much work. Two extra loads of laundry a week. I can live with that. While I was impressed with the saving, I did the calculations myself based on how much disposable diapers cost at the stores we frequent, wipes, and wipe cases (3 total) for the next 2 years (aprox age of potty training). I then calculated cost of disposables, part of the light bill, (we don’t pay for water), extra use of detergent, washable wipes, wipe warmer, and wetbag. 

Disposable diapers (and extras) over 2 year:


Cost of cloth diapers (and extras) over 2 years:

$328- $400


Suddenly I don’t feel so silly having people look at me like I’m  a tree hugger 🙂

Since I’ll be stumbling along trying to figure out how to do this, I’ll be cataloging all of this here. (  So when I get questions I can just point people in the this direction.


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