From Joe to Josephine? What did you do with BLUE?!


By the time blues clues rolled around I was already in my teens. That however did not stop me on crushing on that cutie Steve.

Cute? Yes I am!

(Ok so I didn’t picture him with that cut and shirt but, come on, I’d like to give the guy a sporting chance.)
We would watch blues clues all the time, when I would babysit my younger sisters. We’d find clues, sing along, and generally had an all around good time.
Sadly as time moved on so did Steve.

From Steve to Joe

Now enter Joe:
Creepy as fuck.

Creepy? Fuck yea I am!

Not only did he remind me of an alien but while Steve was silly when he waited for answers he seemed patient and thinking along with you. Joe just glares into your soul like he going to rip the answer out of you.
Now that I have a son, I went with what I already knew. Between ‘old’ or ‘new’ blues clues. I just to old. It all got complicated when blue the puppy (blue was a girl??) started talking and something something….I lost track somewhere in there. Out of curiosity I looked up what the actors looked like now.
Steve: balding and a bit older but still has that adorable smile and well I have soft spot for geeks.

However, Joe. Well that was a shocker!
From this:

Creepy? Fuck yea I am!

To this!

Nah! I’m joking. Couldn’t find a right shot of ‘before’ Joe but if you’ve seen the show you can see how Mina Stars look eerily like Joe in drag.

Actually Joe looks like this now:

Sure, NOW he looks all doe eyed instead of bat shit crazy. Guess living and learning will do that do you. How does you early teen crush or childhood stars measure up now?


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