To Crazy Crazy Days


This week has been both one of the best and the worst ok so not the worst, but it has not been a walk in the park.

My husband has his appendix taken out, but in his usual cool grace has started a speedy recover. Enough that I was able to make a hop up to Seoul for materials which (this was the not better part of the week.)
My kiddo started playing soccer, AND he was good at it! (Good part of the week!)
Then he got sick and stayed home from school today. Might miss practice tomorrow (again not good part of the week).
Then I got a bunch of orders to fill in! (good part of the week!) Having to pay light bill, AC in summer heat in korea really really kills you. You’re better off dehydrating but I digress. Having paid the light bill left me too broke to buy materials I ran out off(bad part of the week). I did managed to get a few things sold right away to buy what I needed without delaying my orders! (good part of the week) This involved that trip to Seoul I mention which again was *a bad part of the week*
I have 300 fans on Stellar Gravity‘s page (good part of the week) but my husband thinks I’ve spent too much time on the computer promoting (this is a hint I’m neglecting house hold duties- booooooo! bad part of the week).
My husband actually said nice things of what I’m doing on his page (shocker! good part of the week) but keeps reminding me not to hyper focus (a true danger in my brain, *fear of obsessing* = bad part of the week). Good new of staying put where we are for while (yay! good part of the week) ever lingering fears my dumbassery will put his ass in a sling and lose what we have (bad part of the week, month, year.)
Remember I’m anxiety girl, right?
So all in all, a roller coaster of a week. Here is to happy times and calm waters ahead (really really wishing for calm waters ahead).



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