Online Jewelry Class: 2 spots left


StellarGravity’s Online Jewelry Class!
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A basic jewelry class, which teach you how to make necklaces (bracelets, earrings) and Glass Pendants. The class include 4 classes held on Saturday evenings and 1 hour personal session each week to offer personal help with your progress and answers any questions you may have. Classes will be done through Ustream. Ustream saves video feed so you can review classes as many times as you’d like. In conjunction to video I’ll have all my students in a skype conference call (I can also call numbers) so you can ask questions at the moment and interact with me while I give the class. The class include materials! Since I have to ship these out, last day to sign up for the class will be Oct 5th. Last day to sign up is Oct 5th, all kits will be shipped out by then. The cost for the class is, $30.
To sign up or for any questions please email me at luskca@stellargravity.
Payments are accepted through paypal. Invoices will be sent out once you sign up.
Supplies Includes:
1 chain (2 meters),
1 set of beads (your favorite color),
jump rings,
hook earrings,
round tip pliers,
flat tip pliers,
3 glass pieces (assorted),
One bezel cup setting(silver or gunmetal black),
2 aanraku bails,
E-0600 glue,
papercollage to set in the glass pendants (assorted).
2 ball chain (18″ and 22″).
Any changes will be posted immediately!
2 spots left! Come and join. Last day to sign up is Oct 5th, class starts Oct 15. If you are going to wait to sign up to the class, please let me know. That way you kit will be ready to send out and there will be no issues with things getting to you on time.

Hope you can join us!!


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