I leave mine at home to have to deal with yours?


I know getting a babysitter is sometimes hassle, especially last minute, especially when you REALLY need one, and yes you do have the right to go to all the places you want with your kids in tow. This rant is not to question what your rights as a parent are. It just what irks me after having to find a sitter, getting dates down, finally getting a day my husband is free, going to a nice upscale restaurant and have to deal with a screaming child next to me. For that I really really could have stayed at home, at least if mine cries I can tell him to go to his room until he’s done having his fit. A winebar/restaurant at night on friday is probably not the best play to grab some dinner with you family. It more of a Mommy/Daddy Date thing.
If your kid goes all exorcist on you DON’T just talk over them and pretend like nothing is happening. You (yes you!) are personally ruining the evening of EVERYBODY else there. Not a big deal to step outside for a moment or take them to the bathroom to get their ya-yas out.
Just saying your busting my balls here.


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