Because I want to FLY.


I get back home after two months of being away. I didn’t leave this apartment clean by any standards. One month by itself, the second month with just the husband. I thought I might find it in pieces when I got back. I was surprised at the clean floor and stove when I got home. If anything dishes are the bane of my existence. I however after visiting with Rain2Rainbows and the Entity, I couldn’t help feel a pang of jealously over how they had a ‘house’ like set up but I still lived this nomadic life that required to have a detached view on valuables and furniture (the things you love never survive the moves). I am however positively tingling with sensation over our “last” move. The move which will will have us set-up “hopefully” around this time next year in an actual home! When we had our first home in monterey, I followed what was called a FLYlady flight plan, to keep me up with house chores and a routine that was easy to follow and keep the caos in check. That all went out the window, then the  move to TX, which once my husband left got worse. Now in Korea, it started with good intentions but I couldn’t keep a routine, so I was doing blitz cleaning once a week to keep up.  Now back and with and end goal in sight. (Just want to make my living space functional without having scavenger hunts for things). I rounded up all the bins we have and started slowly ( I do mean slowly) to just organize a little a day. It didn’t get like this in a day so its impossible to fix it in one or even a week without getting burned out. You know spring cleaning is like: things multiply and explode with you pull them out for cleaning. I’d post a before pictured but I prefer have no one know what my house looks like 😀

So today even on a saturday I’ve managed to do more productive cleaning that I’ve done in ages. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.

On the horizon:

30 post for 30 days

Jewlery Making

Performing Minister (wedding officiant) Duties


Being a Jack of all Trades



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  1. You and the fam being here is what made this dwelling feel like a real home for the first time. I’m glad I could share my space with you and can’t wait until you Fly away from Korea and get roots somewhere. I will definitely come over, armed with a sewing machine and homemade cookies and break in your new house with wine and love. I miss you guys!

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