Finally a vacation from my vacation.


As weird as this may sound to some. I miss home. Yes I do mean my lil apartment in korea with my deaf landlady and kimchi smelling stairs leading to our apartment. After NY/NJ I did a few hour stint in Philly with an old high school friend. Which after hanging out with her for a few hours reminiscing, I did start feeling old. After looking at jewlery (swoon) we ended up each getting a star tattoo. Each holding a different meaning and yet a reminder of this random day. 8 years prior, we also had a day together in we each got a tattoo. Sometimes life leads us down paths we didn’t think we walk through again. I also miss writing on my blog but internet connection has been sketchy here at best. Now in PR for about 14 days: we’ve been to the beach, La Palguera, family bbq, bacardi factory, and eaten all the things on our list.

Today my husband left and I’ll stay behind in preparation for my friend’s wedding. I hope that now I can go back to a post a day(crossing my fingers!). Wishing I was back home, I’ll camp out a bit longer.


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