In the house of the crazies Piggy will be King.


So after going from Korea, to 20 hours in Seattle, to NY then traveling the same day to NJ. It easy to say my internal clock was messed up. We kept going until on monday we literally spent the whole night and day sleeping. After that recharging of batteries, we went out to NYC. It was spur of the moment and it could have been planned out better for a bit but we manged to see the stomping grounds of my husband, go to park in queens. Its charming little zoo, we did miss the museum of art and made it to the hall of science but it was about to close. Traveling down to Times Square we went in for a movie, X-men first class. Then we walk to pennstation to travel back to NJ. On the way there we found…

a piggy!

My son is a HUGE angry birds fan, and if I let him he’d play it hours on end. Did I mention he’s not even 5 yet. So you can imagine his joy at seeing one of these at a window. In a moment of pure emotional bias I just walked into the store and said “how much” forking over a $20 as I asked and pointed to the piggy. After that it was an OD of cuteness. Walking through the street and stations with a lil round green piggy. Those that knew about angry birds loved it, those that didn’t just laughed and his enthusiasm about having a green pig. The whole time he’s like “I have a piggy!!!!” “See my piggy?!””He can sit right here and no birds will pop the piggy” lets just say, regardless of all the random things in the day. That had to be the best thing.


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