Jet Lagged


I could be cutesy and be like “so and so many time zones later we made it!” and gush about the wonders of traveling but honestly I’m tired. Went to bed at 3:40ish. Late enough that the damn birds were already singing. Still woke up at 7:30 am. I can’t really sleep in during the day. Everybody is still passed out. I’m atleast enjoying the silence and puttering around on the computer until everybody wakes up. I wish I could sleep longer, I’m this close to using Prep H to deal with the bags under my eyes. (Yeah I’m desperate). I didn’t do much on the 10 hour flight over. Asiana Air sucked me into they amazing service even if we were probably the cheapest ticket on the plane we got treated and spoiled wonderfully. This however didn’t make me fidget like usual and move about the plane as much as I can. Which made my left foot balloon all kinds of weird. Last time my leg was that weird I was gonna about to pop with my kid. Flying from Seattle to NY I kept in constant movement as to not make it worse. It’s actually looking back to normal. I’m contemplating going shopping today. Since all the summer clothes we order a month before leaving never got to us. Now to bum around for the morning and recover from traveling. Onward! Ho!!


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