Why are Flapping your Jaw at Me?!


I don’t know about you but one of my petpeeves is when some is bitching about their weight.
It irks me to no end. For some reason people always feel inclined to do that with me.
“I’m fat!”
Grabbing a non existent fat roll. I live among soldiers, when I say non existent I mean they are yanking on their skin alone. Yes I can understand you might be feeling less the stellar about your current weight/apearance. But REALLY?!? Do you need to share that with me?
You need to tell ME (a BIG girl) that you need loose “all this weight” cause your fat? (I’m talking these people can be at the most can be carrying an extra 10lb). If that’s fat what the hell does that make me?!
The worse part I can tell when it clicks in their head who they are bitching to. Then they try to take it back or say: “I mean fat for me. Cause you know…You’re fine.” (No I’m not.)
So either bitch and stick to your guns or pussy out and don’t say a damn thing. Just go do something about it instead yanking at it.
Whew….And that is my rant for the day….


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