Vouyeristic view into My Life.


For some reason I’ve been finding myself intrigued in what I look like living my every day life. Posing for pictures is easy and now its even easier to delete unflattering pictures. I wonder what I would look like from a another point of view. Unposed and looking at frozen moments in my life. I think I’ll do this post in series of 5 post through out the month of may. Not that it may be of interests to many of you but I have been asked why am I doing this. Looking at all the pictures I have in the last five years. I realize I am too often behind the camera and not in front of it. Only numerous shots I have are the ones I take myself to post up for some reason or another. I feel as time goes on I’ll remember less and less what my life was like and believe more and more I really looked like the posed angled shots that I take of myself.




Why? Because I can.

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