Why ChinTits and Motorboating are great for any girl…


ChinTits: A cleavage so powerful that if a girl looks down she can rest her chin on her tits.

I was never much for thinking of my underwear in highschool, In college however it was so much easier to advertise than to show when at a bar. I had a torrid love affair with underwear. Any shape, type, and kind but for my chest it was always pushups. The higher the better. In my mind if my cleavage could even out the gravity-well of my ass then it was a job was done.
Then comes baby, marriage, and parenthood (in whatever order it happens to happen in your life) and suddenly nice underwear takes a back seat to other things. Not to mention nice underwear is so DAMN expensive. Why this sudden nostalgia about bra’s and pretty underthings?
because I’M BACK, BABY!
My fairy godmother (also know was my SIL) the bombshell sent me a gift card to just go wild and buy pretty things for my TaTas. It was incredibly sweet of her to make me feel pretty and special, So this post is dedicated to her in homage of her own blog post (January 26, 2008) in which she asked

“Could you dare to bare your underwear?”

About 3 years too late but in case you are wondering…
Why yes, yes I can.







As for motorboating, putting your TaTas on a shelf is just asking for Motorboating. Don’t you think?


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  1. Omg! I got that pink with black lacy number too. I love it despite it being a non-padded bra. Still, I’m so glad that I could bring your boobs so much joy. I should be the fairy boob fairy because it was through my inspiration that the other part of the entity found her bra size and discovered heretofore undiscovered jugs. 🙂

    To the world… you’re welcome. 🙂

  2. So I party a little to hardy at karaoke. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and my first drink hit me like a ton of brick. On the bright side, I got up there and sang my lil heart out. On the down side I can only hope I sounded as good as I think I did. I had planned on taking pictures of my birthday gifts (underthings) to send to you.I had a brilliant idea of sharing this with EVERYONE apparently. Taking a pic earlier in the day (pink bra) and as I was taking pictures at the bar I though it would be a great idea to share this on my blog. Got home change bras a couple of times, took pictures. Then I crawled into bed and blogged it all from my phone. For some reason I had convinced myself I blogged about karaoke night. Nothing like “Omg! I got that pink with black lacy number too.” To make me realized maybe I had posted something else up, but that’s ok. I was thinking about this post for a week or so but deciding if i had the balls to do it.
    Did I mention my hits doubled today because of this post? 😉

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