Finally finished this set I was making for a friend. Based on his favorite series Deadwood.

Swearengen & Bullock

As mentioned before we had the "Meeting of the Elders" for him. He’s heading back stateside leaving our lives for a second time. Not doing this often of course I messed up. With no disolvents I pondered about nail polish remover but realized it would also strip the paint below.

fxcam 1304583121985

Then I thought for some reason: eye makeup remover! Before you ask, my eye make up remover is kind of a miracle so I thought if anything could do it. My marykay eyemakeup remover should be able to help. It did! Strong enough to remove fresh mistakes on the upper layers and leave everything else intact. Don’t know if that is a good review but it just makes me looove it even more.

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