Wanna know how much that real burn is burning?


I really REALLY really hate it, when I’m working my heart out on of the cardio machines at the gym but no matter how much I keep my hands on the heart monitor it always says something like: ‘ 8 cal’ when I’ve been on the damned thing for like 45 min. When I would log in the time and activity in my log it would say something like ‘500 calories burned’! Yeah it looked good and I wished that what I really burned but I really doubted it. My trainer said to invest in a heart-rate monitor. Ended up getting a watch version (pictures and review in another post) It has been the best investment I’ve made so far. Getting accurate results from my watch means I can keep a tally. I usually take my heart rate 4 times in the work out, then average it out and use this nifty calculator once I get home to see how much I burned. The numbers are way more realistic.
This calculator is in a triathlon trainee’s blog. She designed it and added it to her site.
Just another goody I thought I’d share.


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