I started the C25K program last week. For those of you who don’t know what C25K is: it’s a beginners runners program actually called ‘Couch to 5k’. No, I have no actual desire to run a 5k in any shape way or form. I do however want to be able to jog/run without feeling like my lungs aren’t going to burst out my mouth and my heart out of my chest like the lil dude from Alien.
I was excited to begin but 5th day in I over did it, and bruised my shins. Not a big deal except I didn’t want my progress to slow down. So I ice the hell out of it, then warm compress to relax the muscle, and when working out I’d wear a compress to make sure the muscle wasn’t yanked about. 4 days later I was back on the treadmill training. I’m excited I haven’t been derailed yet. If anybody wants to join in on the fun you can find more info on C25K here!

For those interested in the treadmill version click here


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