I looooooove the water, swimming in it, bathing it, drinking it. If you’ve seen Big Fish then you’ll understand when I say I can totally relate to the main character in the story. Especially when he says he’s drying out. My house had a pool, I could jump in anytime with nice weather year round. Then I lived in Monterey and I had access to a indoor swimming pool. That spoiled me rotten. Swimming everyday regardless of the weather. Then we moved to tx, pool is only open during the summer for 2 months. Especially when EVERYBODY is there because of summer. Swimming wasn’t really possible, plus the whole year closed. Came to Korea and found not one but two indoor swimming pool, plus an Olympic size swimming pool open during the summer months.
I love the fact I don’t burn to a crisp swimming anymore. More memorable think I remember when I was a kiddo was the tanned skin, and blond tips of my hair from the chlorine. I love it so much, I keep doing it even if I just recently donated 6 inches of my hair (fried from the chlorine) for the cause.
I go almost everyday, to the point my bathing suit is also feeling the effects bleeding it out its really pretty purple color.

…but here is my secret: I suck at it! 😀

I do! Not a fast or efficient swimmer at all, though I could tread water hours on end. Hope to make that different by the summer when the olympic size swimming pool is open.


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