Happy Veterans Day


To all those who have served in the military thank you for your service.
4 years ago this would not have been something I even thought about. However now my husband is in the service and if you are married to a solider that makes you part of the military life too. Subjected by the whims of others, on how, where, when you’ll live there.
It can take you anywhere together, and apart indefinitely for months/year at a time.
So even to those soldiers who haven’t seen the heat of battle I thank you for your service. I know what hoops you have to go through, and the “jump!” “how high?!” attitude the armed services ask of you.

For those that have been overseas, a little bit of your sweat and blood is now forever in a foreign land. You’ll never be the same. For that sacrifice, I thank you, the sentiment today is in remembrance of this action. You have changed and its a difference that can’t be quantified by money, medals, or pats on the back.

To all the veterans out there, today is in your honor.

Onofre Torres
Pedro Torres
Jose Velasco
Jose Angel Velasco
Albert Valle
Jonathan Camper
Duc Nyugen
Gary Cummings


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  1. I think you meant to list my grandpa.. but is name is Antonio, not another line of Jose. Or are there more Velascos out there that you’ve met?

    But we honor each and every one. I’d bake them all cookies if they wanted me too!

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