I went to the doc to get a general check up now that I’ve been taking a lil more care of myself.
After having some blood work done and later on an x-ray I tried making my follow up appointment but there are no slots available. Finally convinced them that he could just tell me what is currently going on with a call, and I didn’t even had to go in.
Fast forward 72 hours later I get a call from the doc, and in his funny korean accent he tells me, “You fine. Ok?”
And tries to leave it at that.
Had to drag the info out of him, so after all those list of worries of all the things that could possibly be wrong with me after abusing my body so badly and especially in the last 2 years.
My blood pressure is down, Cholesterol is on the wrong side of normal but not high, no signs of pre-diabetes and my bum knee is will apparently just be achy when I over work it but there is nothing really wrong with it.
So all in all he gave me a clean bill of health. Whew.
Now onward and forward! Hi-HO!


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