Did You Mean Me??


Korean is a fashionista haven. Clothes of all styles get thrown together to create all sorts of new looks. Clothes are a new way for the younger generations and shoes its religion.
I’m living here in a land where the men are small and the women even tinier. Height wise I fit right in, Wight-wise, I out weight any man I’ve met here so far.
Some people seem impressed by the fact I can carry my ass around. It’s a little hard on the ego.


Today I have to do laundry. All I had left was summer clothes or dirty clothes. So adopting the korean girls’ philosophy of “make it work for you.”
I desided to go all out instead of feeling frumpy. So a mini jean skirt with, leggins underneath, and a shirt I haven’t worn in who knows how long. With flats, a white zipper Jacket and a long black chain.

I got odd looks, but more than not I got smiles. Even some of the korean fashionistas gave me a nod. Who knows that nods reads but either way. When in doubt, just go all in and own it.


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