If You’re Stuck, Light it on Fire!!!


As many many many of you know and you’re probably tired of hearing me bitch about(if you aren’t feel free to look at my previous posts), NaNoWriMo but today it was the cause of all my giggles. My husband in his drunken wisdom (ok, ok. He was tipsy) said “If you’re stuck, just light it on fire!”
“If you’re stuck on the story just light something on fire.”
At the moment it seemed silly but the next day having a write in with my sissy-in-laws we were both about to bang our heads on the table. So I imparted my husband’s words of wisdom. Between giggles, groans and laughs we got in the words we needed. I FINALLY got caught up and SIL got to her word count goal. w00t!

Side Note: I was going to blog about better things, like showing you all my yumtastic plate of Cinnamon pancakes, a nice side of bacon, and scrambled eggs that I made for dinner.
It was so good! Infact it was so good that I didn’t take one damn picture of it. *sighs*

However at the end of writing with my SIL I was 7 words short of an even number, with nothing else to write I typed in, “and then she lit herself on fire….”

-The Luskca Complication


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