“Procrastinators Unite!”


“meh, maybe later”
My SIL wit always makes me giggle but yet it is so oh true. As a procastinator through and through the only thing that gets my ass in gear is deadlines or having to do something else I want to do even less than what I am originally procrastination for.
An example of my day, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I’m behind on my word count, like really really behind. Instead of writing I sit at my computer knowing I have to write, and just surf the net. I chat. I play with thomas. Then suddenly we’re down to crunch time. I have to clean! We’re having a write in today! So instead of doing that I suddenly really wanna write, but I can’t. I HAVE to clean.
So I clean, only have to clear the kitchen sink, what do I do? I sit down to watch a movie. A MOVIE!?
Only get about 15 min. Husband gets home, which gets my butt in gear and get to cleaning again.
What happened to the writing?
Oh that. Well right now I’m sitting at the table with 3 other Nanos and instead of writing I’m doing my daily post for Blogging Month of November (NaBloPoMo). I mean really!?!
So after my husband, a fellow Nano. Reads this on his RSSR feed (hi honey!). I’m gonna get chewed out.
Okay for reals I go write now wish me luck!!!
Love always the Luskca complication.


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