Remember your Friends Day!


For the longest time since my husband joined the military, I felt apart from all the other army wifes. Any like minded people I’ve meet have been soldiers themselves and I usually meet them through my husband. So my husband friends where my friend. They worked his hours and would only come when he was around. So essentially I was alone when everybody was working.
Recently I think I figured out the virtues of this working relationships I had. After 4 years in the army I made friends that I like instead of necessity. Ironically both guys, one is the service and one a househusband. Today is Thursday, and I’ve seen one or both of them every single day since last Friday. Unprecedented for me at least. Sometimes I want some time for myself. Gotten better at kicking people out of my house too 🙂
Usually in the form of a loving endearment of: “I love you guys, now get the fuck out.”
It now keeps my days extra busy but fun.
This is my ‘Remember your Friends Day’. So to all my friends near and far away. I miss you guys like you wouldn’t believe!


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