30 things to do before 30: a work in progress


In no order of importance just numbered as they come:
1. Make a Corset.
2. Own a custom made corset.
3. Learn to play the piano.
4. Travel to somewhere in Europe.
5. Know where we will eventually settle down.
6. Finish my arm sleeve.
7. Have a sewing machine.
8. Be able to keep up with Joey at the Gym.
9. Get back to my college weight.
10. Get used to writing my marriage name.
11. Sing in public… and not be booed of the stage.
12. Have a wedding!
13. Use my ordained status to marry friends, NOT in the military.
14. Finish the degree I’m currently working on.
15. Finish/edit a novel and try to have it published. (I’ll accept 15 rejection letters and an actual attempt to get publish)

More will be added!


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