Work in Progress:


As a joke on a comment on facebook, I said I was going to sell raffle tickets for a ticket to S. Korea for some one to come visit us. It got so many hits, hubby and I are wondering if the idea has any merits. We are working out the rules here. So please feel free to add your opinion.

1. Family and friends only: we don’t want strangers in our home.
2. Must own Passport or show proof you are in the process of getting one.
3. Be free to travel between the dates that will be posted later. (Free as in it can be fit into your schedule. Not free would be you’d get fired for asking days off.)

This raffle is for ONE round trip plane ticket to South Korea. From your closest national airport to Itcheon airport in S.Korea. This raffle ONLY covers the plane ticket. When the rules are made official we will let you know the general dates the ticket will be for, as of know those dates are from 11/20/2010 – 12/20/2010. As stated this are GENERAL dates. The can be moved around to fit into the winners schedule. If you CANNOT travel between the general dates posted you cannot be eligible. (As said by CANNOT travel mean, you can’t take ANY days off during all of november and december.)

How is that sounding so far?


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  1. Awwwww. Since I will have no holidays this year (damn UPR strike!) I can’t be eligible. 😦

    It’s an awesome idea! Sounds great so far. 🙂

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