The Luskca Complication


As you know I had been trying to mover over seas to join my husband. About six months back was finally able to join him. I had done alot of the packing myself but at final stretch I thought I was going to loose my mind. Low and behold! I get a lovely vase full of pretty, pretty roses with an encouraging note reminding me not to be overwhelmed (am I that predictable?), someone is thinking of me and loves me. Flying around on cloud nine I had the apartment mostly packed up when the movers showed up next morning. It was mostly uneventful except for the a couple of things I needed to state in a box I pack and sealed myself and would not let them open. Let just say the content of the box would had them in the mind that I was sexual deviant woman. To change the conversation one of them mentioned the pretty flowers on the table. Saying how thoughtful my husband is. I said they were from some else. They got that uh-oh face thinking I was going to tell them I had a lover or something. I smile beaming at them, “Its from my sister in law! Just a reminder she loves of me.” The look on their faces priceless and so confused had us in peels of laughter when I called her afterwards.

Some say I have an unusual relationship with my best friend. In fact when we are out and about and in each others company we are so comfortable with one another there is a very clear lack of personal space. I once joked she was my girlfriend, and that I had a boyfriend for my other needs. Now this wouldn’t be weird if it wasn’t for the fact that I am now married to her brother. Since marrying my darling hubby it has officially added that weirdness factor that now really make people wonder what exactly is the relationship between my best friend and I if they don’t know us personally.

She and I are connected over many different social networks that helps up keep in touch despite the distance. One of the social networking sites we are friends in does not have a sister-in-law option, so we left it at “it’s complicated”. It’s been brought to my attention recently that when a potential suitor is interested, they always wonder if that “Luskca” character is going to be in the way of them pursuing her if interested and what exactly is this ‘complication’.
Now still giggling over the added complication this relationship status gives us, we laugh at the fact that it sounds like a theory.
“The Luskca Complication”
Then again when do I ever follow a straight line from point A to B, cause you all know that would be the Easy thing to do.


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