Choices, Choices…


For those of you that don’t know I’ve been harrasing my husband for a dog for almost two years. Finally finally finally! He is willing to be open minded about the whole thing as long as I prove how much really wanted (cause gnawing on the idea for over year was not enought, right?) If all things go according to plan I should be able to bring the doggy home by mid august. w00t!
So I’ve been looking through forums since may (I was hoping my husand would change his mind) to find any beagles for adoption from a shelter. Yesterday I got two hits!
The first one is a beagle mix:

Beagle mix male, 5 months

However this lil cutie is on death row, which means if he doesn’t get adopted soon he would be put down. I’ve seen a video of him and from is pics he does seem to be a relatively mellow dog. What irks me is that the lady that is the liason has dropped off the face of the earth. Okay okay, she went out of town but she should have left somebody else in charge in the mean time. So I have no recent info on him, all his info is from June 18th and did I mention death row is 30 days unless some one is interested, then they hold out for 10 more days? I’ve been trying every which way to contact some one. I would be devastated if he got put down because some one didn’t get the message in time.
The other pup is a full beagle from another shelter:

full beagle male, 5 months

He looks very sweet and he is my second choice as he does seem to be a bit more energetic than the other one. I think a medium energy dog would fit better with us.
They are both super adorable and have no issues with children. Which would your choice be? Guilt of being cause of death non withstanding 😉


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  1. so in the time contact was lost, the first doggie got accepted in the nick of time. *whew* now the other lil angel still has some time. I’m starting the process but I did find the road block, the land lady is now feeling unsure about letting us have a dog. I’m so upset and frustrated. What worse I can’t talk to her, I have to depend on some one else and it really gripes my ass. Hopefully we can get him before his time runs out.

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