We had the pleasure of having people over yesterday. Not only where we had I found the floor of the apartment but we had company! I really wish I could have enjoyed it more.

Camped out living room floor

The only reason why I survived yesterday is that my husband was very supportive. Even when I was tired and was just running around in circles because I had no idea what i was doing he just sat me down fed me and listed to me the 4 priorities in order of importance. As a bonus he turned on the A/C since it was a really hot day. I might not have been the best hostess but I listened and kept a smile on my face. After we gamed and all that hoohaa, Joey and I decided to camp out in the living room with the a/c on. It was loads of fun šŸ™‚

Thomas enjoyed the idea when we kept using the korean bed all day and even took his nap in it.

our super comfy korean bed

all the boxes cleared out of the balcony. FTW!

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