…because vaginas are not pajamas.


I’m taking a shower with my kiddo.
“You don’t have a peepee, its a butt.” He says scowling.
“No, its a vagina”
“a lasgina?” (sounds like lasagna)
“No, its a vagina”
“its a pajaima?” (sounds like pajamas)
“No its a vagina, Va-gi-NA”
“Vigana?” looking really confused.
“sure Honey its a Vigana…”

“You’re a boy, so you have a peepee. Mommy’s a girl so she has a vagina. Got it?”
“So Thomas is a boy and you have a…?”
“Mommy is a girl so I have a…?”
“Good! So daddy is a boy, he has a…?”
“…uh, no. Daddy is boy so he has a peepee. You have a peepee so you are a..?”
“Thomas is a boy!”
“Exactly. I have a vagina, so mommy is..?
“a girl.”
“There you go. So daddy has a peepee so he is a..?”
“Ok sure honey, why don’t we finish the shower and we’ll talk about it when were done.”


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