Chicago! in korea.


Family goes out to eat at happy terryaki, this aparently good restaurant (we haven’t gone yet) in the process of getting money out to go eat we saw a Chicago inspired restaurant. Smoky blues music playing, I just had to see what korean thoughts chicago was like.

Looking at the menu we noticed the usual korean foods and some burgers, the only “chicago” thing in there is a burger they call the Capone Burger.


I got the Capone burger, while waiting I looked around. There was some artsy things on the wall but nothing jumping out at me.

I really meant to take a pic… but we were really hungry and I forgot. sorry! I can tell you it tasted like no burger I had before. The meat tasted different, the sauce almost tasted like kimchi. The fries was a mix of fries (french friens, wedges, tater tots). It was delicous…I think.

YUM!... I think?

Then we ordered desert! Which looked delish MMMMMMM.

Until we had to mixt it. Then it looked like icecream soup but it still tasted great!…. I think. It had icecream, ice chip, few slices of banana, chocolate topping, and sweet bean past with pieces of sweet bean in it. Lil thomas couldn’t make up his mind if he liked it.

Maybe next time we’ll make it to Happy Terryaki!

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