For those of who know me personally, you are all aware that it took over a year to get my family together again. I did it all, tried being patient, tried following the rules, tried being mean, tried manipulating by crying, finally I had to be harsh but civil. By the end I had just gotten the attitude of it will happen when it happens and maybe it won’t happen at all. The last time I was separated from my husband for so long it was over a span for 4 months. For a person like me after a year its like “Hello there, and you are? oh my Husband! right!” So used to being alone my kiddo, on my own time schedule, basically doing my own thing. It irritating, odd and pleasant to be back in a routine. Either way more than anything I love the fact, I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s there.

PS: To my husband, If you ever read this know I’m happy to be together with you again and when i get easily irritated is because I’m adjusting to the changes. I love you


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